What has happened to MKR ‘bad boy’ Josh?

If there was ever a moment for Seafood King Josh to plunge the filleting knife deep into the chests of nemeses Court and Duncan, it should have been tonight. But in a surprise turnaround for the almost absent “bad boy” of Broome, he proved a worthy and generous dinner companion.

Everyone had high expectations of the Melbourne hipsters’ ultimate restaurant, Gastro Turf, especially Della and Tully. “I think we’re definitely going to see triple digits tonight,” says Tully. “I think they’re definitely going to finish on top,” agrees Della.

The pair are cooking at Court’s parents’ place in the Yarra Valley because they can’t fit everyone in their Richmond apartment. They seem slightly rattled at having to drive further to pick up their ingredients, however their menu is trendy and confident. Entree 1: Venison, smoked labne and blueberries. Entree 2: Snapper, asparagus and mussel butter.Main 1: Chicken, cauliflower rice and carrots. Main 2: Pepper berry kangaroo, with eggplant and spinach.Dessert 1: Goat’s cheese profiterole with thyme and honey. Dessert 2: Whiskey sour.

When the guests arrive, Court hugs everyone but Josh, who she tells can “come on through”.

Court: “I don’t feel like I really need to give Josh a big ol’ hug. I’m not about to fake some kind of embrace that I would not like to have,” she said. “I think it’s a mutual agreement,” laughed off Josh, who almost said more but decided not to.

“Going back to Gastro Turf I feel like it’s a lot better the second time ’round, just looking at the space, it just looks more like an art gallery instead of a trashy alley way.” Even Amy leads to the cheers to Court and Duncan’s restaurant. What are they up to?

On seeing the couple’s menu, the leaderboard’s rop dog Valarie fears the worst: “I hate to admit but I think they are going to pip us to the post tonight, dammit.”

“There is no way that these guys are going to be behind you, like you’ll still be at the bottom of the leaderboard, guaranteed,” Josh cockily delivers to crestfallen Mark and Chris, which would come as a huge surprise to Courts had she been present since she believes “Josh thinks we should go home”.

“Obviously the Seafood King has a strong opinion on that, but I think we have more of a chance than he’s giving us,” says Chris to the cameras. “Exactly, keep your opinions to yourself,” Mark privately retorts.

The entrees go really well and they score a perfect 10 from Pete Evans for the “bold and beautiful” venison, which Della and Tully “couldn’t fault”.

But if someone could find fault, surely it would be Josh. “Every so often I just grit my teeth together, I don’t know what it is. Initially I thought it was part of the venison part of the bone or something, there’s all these little blackberry seeds.” Welcome back, Josh.

“I’m not nit picking,” he tells the table, to unimpressed commentary by Betty (“hashtag nit picking”) – who he has been clashing with the most over critiques of late. “It’s just the blackberry seed, like as I’m actually eating it just kinda crunch and it just stops you enjoying your meal, it kinda puts the brakes on.” Nitpicking much Josh?#MKR#Josh#Nitpickingpic.twitter苏州夜网/pHIboLSqFN??? #MKR (@mykitchenrules) April 4, 2017It’s a problem when all your guests fall asleep at the table #MKR#CourtDuncanpic.twitter苏州夜网/TOyHHdvUdb??? #MKR (@mykitchenrules) April 4, 2017

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