Dogs out at Ian Narev’s Commonwealth Bank boardroom

Ian Narev CEO of the Commonwealth Bank appeared before the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics Review of ‘s Four Major Banks at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday 4 October 2016. Photo: Andrew Meares Photo: Andrew MearesIan Narev’s Commonwealth Bank has worn a mountain of criticism over its financial planning and CommInsure scandals, but it is good to hear stories emerging of Narev’s willingness to personally meet victims even while the CommInsure storm was still raging.
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CBD was told of how Narev agreed to meet with one of the bank’s former customer services representatives, Matthew Attwater, in May last year.

For those who remember back to Fairfax Media reports at the time, Attwater was told to “ill-health retire” in 2013. But when Mr Attwater tried to claim on the CommInsure total and permanent disability insurance he held through his CBA-specialist super fund his application was refused.

Attwater took up the bank CEO’s offer of an apology in person.

And he brought a friend – Jack the chihuahua – who was carried into the bank’s boardroom in his own handbag.

It’s the first time that a dog has been allowed into the bank’s boardroom, quipped Narev, who was the perfect host CBD is told.

Jack even got to sit on Ian’s lap and did not disgrace himself, CBD is told. Foreign affairs

As NSW gaming authorities conduct a probity check on James Packer – ahead of his planned return to the Crown Resorts board – the news from overseas is not getting any better for the billionaire casino mogul.

An Israeli investigation into lavish gift giving to its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been extended as the police have been unable to interview key figures including Packer, according to reports from Israel.

Reports state the graft investigation – which was meant to be completed by now – will continue for another two months as some judicial inquiries abroad still haven’t been carried out. This includes setting a date to question the globe-trotting Packer.

Packer’s local representatives declined to comment on the reports, and there is no suggestion of wrongdoing on his part.

The long-running investigation by Israeli authorities into the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by Netanyahu’s family, and the alleged benefactors like Packer who have funded the acquisition of champagne, cigars, fine clothes and jewellery.

In the case of Packer, this reportedly includes luxury holidays and hotels for the PM’s family, as well as free tickets to concerts given by his then fiancee – Mariah Carey.

Israeli state employees and elected officials are forbidden from accepting gifts, but Netanyahu has characterised the items in question as personal gifts from friends.

Packer has a home in Tel Aviv which has the Netanyahu family as a neighbour – as well as long-time Packer family friend – Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchan.

“Spending time with Arnon and Prime Minister Netanyahu has been an amazing eye-opener for me and it reinforces how lucky we all are in ,” Packer told The Daily Telegraph in 2015.

According to earlier reports, Milchan recruited Packer to help fund the gift giving after tiring of the demands from the Netanyahu family.

The reports – from what has been a heavily leaked investigation – state that Netanyahu was questioned by police investigators for a fourth time, last week.

It comes on top of Packer’s China woes with the ongoing detention of 14 of Crown’s staff. The China crisis triggered a sweeping restructure of his gambling empire and a retreat to the safer shores of . Vita low ah

Shares of Maxine Horne’s Vita Group took a tumble on Tuesday after Fairfax Media reported on a leaked internal Telstra document which revealed the telco giant is considering taking back control of some of its store network – setting up a potential clash with retail partners like Vita.

Vita replied in an ASX statement saying it has an agreement with Telstra in place until 2020. It obviously didn’t impress the markets which sent the share price crashing more than 20 per cent to a low of $2.50 before closing at $2.54.

Keep in mind that the market should not have been too surprised by this. The stock was trading at $4.73 last October when news leaked of confidential negotiations about the “remuneration construct” between Telstra and Fone Zone.

Luckily for Horne, her investment diversification strategy saw her sell $50 million of stock in September last year at $4.95 a pop.

Not that she doesn’t love love the team at Vita of course. She still owns 25 million shares and is the company’s largest shareholder. Leading the Vita Group, a company that prides itself on its ability to execute, as you would imagine I really like this one ???? pic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/TAhqHT89jZ??? Maxine Horne (@vitachief) March 15, 2017

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